4 Benefits of Social Media For Your Business Marketing

Social media marketing strategies on very help small businesses as well as large. Here are the benefits of social media for the development of your online business.

Social media could be one way to communicate and interact online. Anyone can easily share content such as text, images, video and sound through social media. However, social media is not only personal use only. Small and large businesses will benefit because it can do marketing through social media. Along the way, social media is not just a communication tool online only. There are many benefits of social media that can be felt by the user, especially for business owners.

What are the benefits of social media?

Here I will explain one by one..

1. Build and attract people

Perhaps one of the important points of marketing through social media is the ability to build and attract people. This suggests that one of the benefits of social media is a media campaign.

As a business owner, you have the opportunity to interact with new customers through social media. From there you can already build and attract their interest through effective communication or content that is shared. Some unique tips promotions through social media following may help marketing your business.

– Starting from the “Like” then “Love” even to defend you

Public response to social media will vary widely. Starting from a positive to a negative response could be felt by every owner of social media accounts. To get a good response from the public, you must consider how effective online marketing. One way is to provide content that is able to answer questions or needs of readers. When what is desired are compliant, then they will be interested and begin to like you. Just like other relationship, if the stronger it will display a love of your business products. In fact, they did not hesitate to become a free customer service to answer a variety of questions and complaints from other consumers via social media.

2. Social media is not just a marketing

Social media can be used to support your business marketing strategy. However, the benefits of social media not just as a marketing platform only. Distributed content can also increase engagement.

There are three topics of content that can be shared by business owners on their social media.

– Learn and Improv: With this content, you can educate the customer and ensure that your products are able to optimize their activities.

– Explore and Discover: Customers want the creative and new ways of using your product, then this is the type of content required.

– Question and Answer: Just like customer service, this type of content can contain questions and answers that will help customers to use your product better.

3. Customer service via social media

Anyone will conduct complaint when facing something goes not as it should be.
Now times have changed. If the first complaint more say on the phone, in the digital era is 65% more pleased complaining customers through social media compared to call centers.
The reason is because social media is more practical, does not take toll of tens of thousands, and also faster read by admin. Unfortunately, many of the business owners who still do not know the benefits of social media as a customer service support, they just focus on improving branding and marketing through social media alone. While customer complaints and questions on social media were ignored.

4. Product Development

Through social media, we can know what kind of products consumers want. In fact, we can spot trends and competitive products on the market. Feedback in the form of suggestions and criticism on social media could be the basis for a business owner to develop new products. In addition, users of social media could also be a tester and quality control is good for your business. Some of them will submit bugs and other issues related to your product, of course it is so profitable is not it?

Now You Already Know Benefits, So Why Should We Use Social Media?

Seeing some of the benefits of social media that have been mentioned above, then it is time for business owners to pursue and deepen social media marketing.

Based on data as of January 2016, active users of social media in Indonesia has reached 79 million, with an increase of 10% when compared with last year.