6 Ways to Optimize Social Media for Marketing Strategy 2017

Creating a Social media account is not a difficult thing. However, another case when a conversation with others in the social network is not supported by the content and the correct marketing strategy. Content is very instrumental to run a business website. Content is what can make conversation with the customer, either currently or in the future. The evolution of marketing strategy through the content on the website and social media have become the new way to reach the target of getting the right customers. They can see and read through RSS feeds, blogs, infographics, video, and other forms of digital content.

So you need to create a social media marketing plan. No easy task, right? Many of us struggle to iron out exactly what that is, let alone how to build one from scratch.

Put simply, every action you take on social networks should be a part of a larger social media marketing strategy. That means every post, reply, like, and comment should all be guided by a plan that’s driving toward business goals. It might sound complicated, but if you take the time to create a comprehensive social media strategy, the rest of your social efforts should follow naturally. Everyone can do this if they approach it correctly.

Learn what a social media marketing plan should include, and follow our six-step plan for creating your own.

This kind of marketing strategy should always be updated continuously and expand marketing content through social media in ways below:

1. Strengthen Strategic Marketing Through Social Media Content. And Should be Covers three important stages, such as:


Involving followers in social media is very important. Well they are leaders in an industry or even the regular customers, they produce content for your page will be more meaningful and full of important ideas than you create yourself.

– Anticipation

Make content sequentially in the marketing strategy through social media. This can be a video piece, or pieces of articles and pictures of your business in order to become a puzzle and make people interesting. Good content is content that bring a sense of anticipation of what will come next.

– Coordination

Utilizing social media is not only to increase the number of friends, followers, or fans only. Social media allows you to engage a mutually beneficial relationship with them. Planning involves content they can provide a sense of having very large.

2. ‘Share’ Content Multiple Times

Share posts on your blog several times will give at least three benefits:

– Maximizing traffic through social media: Sharing content on social media more than once and with a different way will increase the traffic on your social media. The number of visitors on your page will increase whenever there is new content.

6 Ways to Optimize Social Media for Marketing Strategy

-Getting visitors from different periods: Posting content several times to help you get visitors at different periods, eg posting on the previous year, posted back on this year, the new visitors this year will see the content.

New Follower: If you are posting a long article, maybe some new follower first reading. Although not a new article, but they may get significant value from the article. Consider using the tools available on Twitter to monitor the growing number of followers. This can help determine the right time to post an old article.

3. Host On Twitter Chat

6 Ways to Optimize Social Media for Marketing Strategy

The conversation on Twitter is a great way to build relationships with old and potential follower prospective clients through a variety of topics. It also can increase the readership of your content and create new moments to share solutions, hints, and helpful tips. There are four key stages make effective chatter on Twitter:

– Collect information: The information collected can be used to create new content and great ideas. Participants will come and help identify what is happening in an industry, and share your insights and new opportunities to help your business.

– Develop content: After getting ideas, create new content and share in social media. You can also identify problems and solutions that are needed to guide the article or video.

– Review the purpose of content: After creating content, re-create that fresh and keep your business continuity. If there is valuable content that needs to be slightly modified, and serve with a new method to followers, and automatically they will be happy to accept.

– Review the content: Review content helps identify whether or not the content that a negative or positive impact. This will help you know how valuable information for content.

4. Take advantage Share on Facebook

6 Ways to Optimize Social Media for Marketing Strategy

– Listen to a social issue: Make hashtags to find out how people engage with brands, view content, use your brand every day. This is an easy way to keep track of the conversation.

– Increase social media content to share: Understand that attractive content will encourage readers to share with others.

– Create a specific demographic target: The more specific the target, then the brand will be more easily recognized. This will allow it to focus on people who are actually interested in your brand.

– Use an attractive step to attract customers: Have a valuable content and allows the reader to share that content is a great way to engage customers and attract potential buyers. Once the customer snaps’ and share your content, then their friends would be interested in it snaps into and share to others.

5. Use LinkedIn to Send Content

6 Ways to Optimize Social Media for Marketing Strategy

LinkedIn is a very powerful marketing content. This is a powerful way to deliver content to others. But first, you must identify the visitor, to know:

– geographical location, especially if you want to visit unique visitors
– What do they want
– On their families, communities, and what their role in the workplace

6. The last is Google Authorship

6 Ways to Optimize Social Media for Marketing Strategy

Google Authorship not just attach a photo or image on the content in the Google search engine. Once you’re connected to the Google Authorship via Google+, it will be connected between the content and its author. This allows Google to identify the quality and content writers.

Steps had no doubt can be a good marketing strategy. Optimize your existing social media to increase sales. You should also create a business plan, a business plan to determine what will be done. Show your products in social media. Make visitors were impressed just by looking at your social media.