How to Create Your Own Website: A Beginner’s Guide with Step by Step tutorials & Very easy to follow 2017

How to Create Your Own Website: A Beginner’s Guide with Step by Step tutorials & Very easy to follow 2017

How to Create Your Own Website: A Beginner’s Guide

How to create a website is a very broad topic, and this paper will guide you to learn the material in systematically. This article can you imagine like a brief contents list of what I have written on on how to create a website.

You can read the tutorials systematically by reading in the order that I suggest in the following list. Let’s get started.

  • Learn how to create a website in general.
  • Learn HTML
  • Learning PHP
  • Learning MySQL
  • Tips on choosing a web hosting
  • Learn how to publish website

With learn in this order, I hope you can understand how to create a website comprehensively. For those of you who still want to learn more about PHP, or are interested in other topics, the following list of materials is on

Learn More PHP

  • Advanced PHP Learning
  • PHP Project
  • PHP Script Example

Learn computer

  • Introduction to Computers
  • Computer Basics
  • Computer History
  • Computer network

Learning VB


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How to Create Your Own Website: A Beginner’s Guide with Step by Step tutorials & Very easy to follow 2017

And now in this tutorial I will show you how to create a website. This guide is for beginners, and will show you step by step the whole process of creating your own website from the very bottom. Basically, as long as you’ve been able to browse and type, then you’ve got the basic capital to create your own website really.

This article is a small part of the various tutorials on how to create their own website in this To see the whole tutorial on how to create your own website, you can click here. I’ve also created links to other related tutorials to make it easier for you to learn more about specific topics that are needed. Almost all the topics that already exist in really. Let’s start …

Ever confuse the terms of websites and blogs? Well, basically, everything you see on the internet is the website. However, the website has different functions and has a special designation depending on its function. Type of website is quite popular is a blog, social media and online stores. So it can be said that blog is one type of website that has a function as a diary or diary for the owner, so usually the appearance of blog articles are usually sorted by date starting from the most recent.

Other websites have a similar functionality of a store, where we can display photos of products, prices, product descriptions to the way of purchase. This type of website we call an online store. Another popular type of website is social media. For this type of website I do not need to explain at length, because you must have often used it ie facebook and twitter.

In principle there are several ways to create a website, I divide it into 4 categories namely:

-Instant, this way is the fastest, cheapest (aka free) and easiest way to create a website. The easiest example is using blogspot, worpress, tokobagus, etc. This method has a weakness in the level of manufacturing flexibility. We can only create a website according to the format already provided by the service provider. Please read the tutorial how to create a website using blogspot or wordpress is to learn the loading steps.

-CMS or Content Management System.This method is relatively fast like the instant method, but has a level of flexibility more than Instant way. You just install using CMS software that has been provided. We can make more flexible changes by installing add on on the CMS. However, you generally have to provide your own domain name and hosting. Examples of CMS are Joomla for general websites, wordpress for blogs (yes, wordpress has 2 types ie instant and CMS), Prestashop for online stores, etc. You can click the tutorial to create this WordPress CMS website to learn the steps to make it.

-Framework, this way has a higher level of manufacturing flexibility, but you must have web programming skills.

-Web Programming. How to create this website is the most flexible, but old and you are required to have web programming skills. If you can already create a website this way, then basically you can create any kind of website you want, almost without limit. If you are interested in learning this way, you must at least master HTML, PHP and MySQL.

Well, to create a website with methods of CMS, Framework and Web Programming, you need a domain and hosting. What does domain and hosting mean? Let’s learn together.

-Get your own domain name
The first thing you should do when creating your own website is getting your own domain name. A domain is the name you want to give to the website you created. For example, the domain name of the website you are reading is “”. To obtain a domain name, you must pay an annual rental fee as the right to use the name. Well, you know by yourself, if the website name should be unique, and only the one on the internet. Otherwise people will surely be confused which web site you have and which website belongs to someone else. So, all over the internet, you will surely find only a website whose address is Got that?
Well, before you think anything, I need to remember that having a domain name does not mean you already have a website. Not yet. Remember, this domain name is just a name. Just like you register a business license of a PT or CV in the real world. Having a business license does not mean you have a store or storehouse right?
Please see this tutorial to create a website to get tips on choosing a good domain name for your website.

-Choose A Web Hosting
The next step in the process of creating your own website is choosing a web hosting. A web hosting is basically a company that has multiple computers that are always connected to the internet. If you put your web pages on their computer, then the whole world can contact that computer and see your website page. You need to register first to the web hosting so that the website you created has a “home”. If having a domain name can be likened to having a business license, then having a web hosting account is roughly similar to renting an office or shop for your business. Here an example of Best hosting that i’ve ever used: it’s called hawkost >Check Here<

Hire? Yes, for paid web hosting. Of course you can choose a paid web hosting or a free Web Hosting. You can also read a short tutorial on creating a website on this paid hosting.

You can see some interesting tips when choosing a web hosting I’ve written before. Please read first so that you have a guide when determining the options later.

How? Interesting right. In other posts we will discuss the next step in creating a website that is making web design.

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