How to Create Your Own Website: A Beginners Guide Part 2, with Step by Step tutorials & Very easy to follow 2017

How to Create Your Own Website: A Beginners Guide Part 2, with Step by Step tutorials & Very easy to follow 2017

Well, in the previous tutorial on How to Make Your own Website, you have set up a good domain name and hosting. Time to fill your hosting.

The next important step is to design your website.

Once you’re ready with the domain and hosting, it’s time to fill your hosting with the files you want to show off around the world. Well, the files must of course be made right?

Of course you must first learn how to create a website design before you can display it on the internet. For that you can learn from the basic first learning HTML, learning PHP and learning MySQL, all of which you can learn in for free. After enough maturity to learn the basics of how to create a website, you can continue with learning CSS, learning Javascript, and others to add beauty and make your website more interactive.

Please also learn about cpanel to know how to upload the file if you have finished creating your website files.

And, you can also create a free website easily in blog format you know. But of course not se flexible if we make your own using HTML, PHP and MySQL. Please see tutorial how to create blog if interested.

How to Create Your Own Website: A Beginner’s Guide


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The next step is Testing your Website

This process must be done continuously. Why? Because the website you create will look different in every browser. Try to always test it in every major browser if you make changes to the design or content of your website.

You need to know, that despite using the same standard, but the web page of the Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari etc can be very different for the same web page.

It’s good if you use google analytics to know what type of browser is most often used your website visitors. This way you can concentrate on certain browser types when creating a website.

Well, maybe those steps look very easy, but remember, sometimes what seems simple is sometimes very useful. So just do it …

If you already understand the process of how to create a website, then you can start to learn SEO to create a website that you create can appear on search engines and bring visitors.

Have a good study.


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